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(latest modification: 2018-08-23)


for your "/etc/apt/sources.list", you can use

deb jessie main
deb jessie main

(The 2nd repository -2nd line- contains PocketCHIP's specific packages.)

You should also replace the url in "/etc/apt/preferences" & change it to

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 1050

If Pico-8/another software crashes with SDL errors after you used this repo, modify '/etc/apt/preferences' as above & sudo apt upgrade should fix it.

(Thanks jfp)

2018-08-06: The online flasher doesn't work anymore, follow CLI/terminal guides to flash from a Linux machine.

2018-08-23: online Flasher replacement with its modified Chrome extension // (forum post)

CHIP links

— JF Possibilities' NTC mirror / (See forum, warc)

Bookmark the above link in case goes down. And bookmark the community wiki, and— more importantly: don't forget all the stuff, they will, or should, stay up longer than the rest of us.

chip community wiki

— C.H.I.P. Flash Collection @ & more

NTC Git Archive

How to Flash C.H.I.P Offline / (simple stupid .html copy)

Reflashing The PocketCHIP Without The Online Flasher (On Linux) - pdf / (og thread)

— CHIP_IO, A CHIP IO library for Python: IO+PWM+SPWM+ADC+Utilities

NTC's documentation on the Wayback Machine // or download the archive file

— linux-sunxi wiki for Allwinner SoCs

awesome-chip GH page

kaplan2539 unofficial's kernel & repo - (forum thread) // personal mirror repo (2018-07-28) // Probably not tested on a pCHIP?

& How to compile just one kernel module / (simple stupid .html copy)

v10lator's kernel repo - (forum thread) // info txt / personal mirror repo (2018-07-28) // (WARC) // i think it hasn't been tested on a pCHIP & won't work on a pCHIP

a personal HOWTO to compile the Linux kernel for Chip - (WBM) & on the CHIP itself

utilities for exploring .chp files

community links

NTC unofficial Discord / TheBoardRoom

— #chipsters on Freenode

chip-crumbs ggl group

Chipsters' slack


Phase, "Phase is a phase distortion synthesizer written for the pocket chip." (Also runs on Raspberry Pi)

extend life of the NAND/flash, ramdisks, etc.

turning CHIP into a BT Audio Receiver (Audio Sink) & Guide to connecting to a Bluetooth Speaker txt/md copy

ElKentaro's HackCHIP V1. (part 1/n)

— CHIPMAS github,, CHIP MIDI Arpeggiating Synthesizer is a simple Pure Data synthesizer. Wavetable synth, control by OSC/MIDI.

wlan_pwr, improve CHIP wireless perf and reliability by turning off power mgt

PocketDESK, unify Desktop GUI & PocketHome

PocketCHIP Launcher (Marshmallow Edition)

pocket-home freedesktop launcher, application launcher that follows the freedesktop standard

pocketInstaller, a GUI to install emulators/games

Running Processing on NTC's CHIP + Processing 3+ sketches optimized for the PocketCHIP